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Learning just a few phrases of Spanish can open many doors of ministry for you as you seek to reach to Hispanics. Here are a few websites that we can recommend for enhancing your pursuit in learning Spanish. ADDALINGUA.COM We combine national research, our collective professional experience, and data from our home-base immersion program to create “best […]

Faithful Men Training Faithful Men

FAITHFUL MEN TRAINING FAITHFUL MEN: THE MINISTRY OF EBENEZER BIBLE COLLEGE (INSTITUTO PRÁCTICO EBENEZER) Ebenezer Bible College (called Instituto Práctico Ebenezer in Spanish) was founded in 1969 by Leonardo Mercado, the father of Dr. Dick Mercado (international representative and former General Director of MGM International, also a ministry founded by Leonardo Mercado). The college is […]

Our God Is . . .

How important it is to know our God and to share about Him when speaking in Spanish. Here are a number of Biblical common phrases and descriptions of God’s attributes and actions. May the Lord use these phrases to challenge and encourage others to know and worship Him alone! View the examples below and carefully follow […]

New Spanish CD by UCLA

Introducing a new Spanish musical CD recorded by Universidad Cristianas de las Américas in Monterrey, MX.      The Music Department of UCLA desires to produce music that honors God. In this cd God’s amazing grace is celebrated through such selections as “Proclamadle Rey”, “Solo Gracias Halle”, “Gracia”, “De Todo Es Señor”, “Dios Al Mundo Amo”, […]

Hispanics United for Values

On September 19-20, in Washington, D.C. concerned leaders representing the Hispanic culture and community will meet.   THE MISSION Our mission is to unite Hispanics from every area of our country who believe the Bible truth that states ‘Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people’ (Proverbs 14:34).   THE VISION Our […]

The Power of a Story

Don Ross Ministries and Open Door Baptist Missions present three moving stories that will touch your hearts. Filmed in Hong Kong, India and Arizona, these stories, Hijo del Mar, No Cualquier Libro y La Redención de los Navajo, present the gospel completely and carefullly. These stories are true events and describe the power of the gospel.  […]

Hispanic Population has Increased sixfold since 1970

The U.S. Hispanic population has increased sixfold since 1970 The Hispanic population grew to 53 million in 2012, a 50% increase since 2000 and nearly six times the population in 1970, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, the overall U.S. population increased by only 12% from 2000 to 2012. Hispanic population […]

Church Planting Through Institute Training

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear of missionary church planting? Do you think of an American missionary going to a foreign field to pastor an indigenous church? Do you envision the American missionary laboring for years to plant a church and then finally handing the church to a national so that he can begin […]

A FREE Tool for Learning Spanish

Are you interested in learning Spanish but you’re not sure where to begin? Here is a FREE tool that we can recommend as you begin that journey.   Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish is a 52 episode (30 minutes each) story that teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. Destinos is in conversational Spanish, with […]