I Will Meet You Are you eager to meet your Hispanic neighbors? Do you want to introduce them to your pastor or friend? Here are a few key phrases that will help you as you “meet and greet” your Hispanic friends and neighbors. Our God Is . . . How important it is to know […]

La Importancia de Predicación Expositiva

¿Qué es exactamente la predicación expositiva? ¿Cuáles son las evidencias de la verdadera predicación expositiva? ¿Porqué es tan importante y necesaria el día de hoy? ¿Cúales son algunos peligros y distracciones de la predicación expositiva? Piensa es estas cuestiones, mientras lees las respuestas aquí. También puedes descargar GRATIS apuntes y una presentación en PowerPoint. NOTAS […]

The Meaning and Importance of Expository Preaching

2 Timothy 4:1-5 “Preach the Word.” I suggest to you that God could not have spoken more clearly. Pablo, the renowned believer, writing what could be his final letter to Young Timothy, reminds him of those responsibilities most important to ministry. There are 25 imperatives in this short book (the greatest imperative to verse ratio […]

Connecting Two Worlds with One Gospel

The bilingual ministry of Faith Baptist Church / Iglesia Bautista la Fe both “celebrated” a special anniversary and “graduated” from missionary status to be a self-supporting local church on Sunday, March 6, 2016. The English aspect of the ministry technically began 75 years ago in Glendale, AZ, however, in 2010, Iglesia Bautista la Fe merged […]

10 Helps for Learning a Language

Learning a language as an adult, even one that linguists list as an “easy” language, is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. When you are already suffering culture shock, the last thing you want to do is have people tilt their head and look at you like you’re from outer space, […]

Training, Encouraging and Assisting

Recently, Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary (Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario, or “IPES”) in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico held a week-long course for those enrolled in their Master of Ministry program. We asked Dan Wokaty to give us a brief report about this concentrated time of ministry (in English and Spanish below.) “From June 6-10, Dr. Ken […]

Spanish Resources for Latin Pastors

Spanish Resources for Latin Pastors Publicaciones Faro de Gracia is a Spanish non-profit publishing house of Biblical literature in the Spanish language. Their materials assist in the training of pastors. the edification of believers, and the strengthening of churches. This ministry recently purchased a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse on approximately 3 acres of land to house their […]

Nine Tips on Starting an ESL Ministry

NINE TIPS ON STARTING AN ESL MINISTRY They saw the need, they prayed for direction, they prepared and now they are seeing the results! Beacon Baptist Church in Burlington, NC started an ESL (English Second Language) ministry 3 years ago. We were recently able to visit their ESL ministry and asked them to share some tips on […]

Bible Lessons in Spanish: True Disciples

Bible Lessons in Spanish: True Disciples (Discípulos Verdaderos) This series of lessons, entitled The Gospel of Christ (El Evangelio de Cristo), focuses attention upon the foundational truths necessary to understand and respond to the Gospel. This book is available as a teacher’s book (80 pages) and a student’s book (78 pages) and can be purchased through […]