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Diapositiva2Are you wanting to continue your theological training, perhaps to pursue your Masters of Ministry degree? Then you may want to consider the option of courses taught at Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary (Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario, or “IPES”) in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. View the article and information HERE.


Ten Helps for Learning a Language


Learning a language as an adult, even one that linguists list as an “easy” language, is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. But learning the language is essential to really know the culture, make close friends, understand the worldview, and profoundly impact the people as you desire. HERE are ten ways to help you do so. 


Connecting Two Worlds with One Gospel


This bilingual, bicultural ministry provides services and classes in both English and Spanish on Sunday mornings. The Sunday evening services and Wednesday night prayer meetings are purposely translated from Spanish into English, songs are sung simultaneously in both languages, and prayer requests, prayers and testimonies are shared in both English and Spanish. This bilingual ministry just celebrated a special event. Read more HERE.

Meaning and Importance of Expository Preaching


What exactly is expository preaching? What are evidences of true expository preaching? Why is it so important and needed today? What are some dangers and distractions to expository preaching? Think through these issues as these questions are answered HERE. Notes are available for a FREE download as well.


El Significado y la Importancia de la Predicación Expositiva


¿Qué es exactamente la predicación expositiva? ¿Cuáles son las evidencias de la verdadera predicación expositiva? ¿Porqué es tan importante y necesaria el día de hoy? ¿Cúales son algunos peligros y distracciones de la predicación expositiva? Piensa es estas cuestiones, mientras lees las respuestas aquí. También puedes descargar GRATIS apuntes y una presentación en PowerPoint. Vea aqui.


Hispanic Think Tank

Slide1Plan now to join us for the National Conference on Hispanic Outreach (NaCHO) (also known as the “Hispanic Think Tank). You won’t want to miss this bilingual one-day event in Greenville, SC. For more information see HERE.



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