The Way to Joy (El Camino al Gozo) – Available in English and Spanish

A leader-guided foundational Bible study booklet, intended preimarily for use as an evangelistic follow-up discipleship study. Its primary intended use is for one-on-one discipleship sessions. However, it can also be used in small group contexts or as a study booklet for new converts classes. Includes ten lesson and a set of Bible memory cards to use in connection with the lessons. See http://www.goodsoilcom/. 


Mighty Men (Hombres Poderosos) by John Crotts (available in English and Spanish)

This booklet is sort of Spiritual Leadership for Dummies! While many guys are intimidated by heavy duty volumes on the role of the husband, this book boils down spiritual leadership to its core essentials. It is simple, practical, and motivating. See http://www.graceandtruthbooks.com or http://www.faithbiblechurch.us


White Fangs in a Black Hole (Colmillo blanco en el agujero negro)

The first children’s recording from Comforting Mercies Ministries now is available in Spanish. Colmillo blanco en el agujero negro (White Fangs in a Black Hole), is a fun story that teaches important Bible truths. Kids won’t be able to turn off this exciting adventure about Bullet the Labrador and Prince the Dalmatian, and they won’t forget its strong salvation message. The story features a soundtrack by Glenn Christianson and the voice talents of David and Charlotte Burke, Mark Rin, and Jack Buttram. See http://www.needcomfort.org/


Spiritual Leadership (Liderazgo Espiritual) by J. Oswald Chambers – Available in English and Spanish 

The world needs more leaders who are guided by God and devoted to Christ. Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at His disposal so you can become a leader used for His glory. This timeless classic will equip leaders of all generations to press on in service for Jesus Christ. Prepare to be stretched, challenged, and motivated to apply the leadership principles of leaders. With over 500,000 in print, this book is the perennial favorite for teaching the principles of leadership. See http://www.christianbook.com


Spiritual Discipleship (Discipulado Espiritual) by J. Oswald Chambers – Available in English and Spanish

In Spiritual Discipleship, Sanders provides mature inspiration and instruction for spiritual growth. While most Christians want to honor and glorify God, few fully understand the absolute sacrifice that He asks. You’ll find probing insight into biblical requirements for true discipleship in the Lord’s service. Includes study questions. See http://www.christianbook.com


Discipleship Series

A popular Christian growth series is now available in Spanish. The previously published Discipleship materials in English by Positive Action Bible Curriculum with the books entitled MilkBreadMeat and Fish, will provide teaching on the basic Bible doctrines, challenge new believers to know more of their Savior and encourage christians to share the good news of salvation with others. These books are ideal for discipleship or as supplemental material for a Spanish class.  For more information and to purchase, please see https://positiveaction.org.

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