Going out to Eat

A great way to learn Spanish is to visit a restaurant that serves Hispanic food. Often the servers may speak only a little Spanish and they will be happy to assist you with your attempts to speak Spanish to them. Be sure to read over the examples below and carefully follow the suggested pronunciations. And, enjoy the Hispanic food!

English Spanish Pronunciation
I would like a water, a coke, a lemonade. Quisiera un agua, una coca-cola, una limonada. Key-see-AIR-ra OOn(as in moon) AH-gwa, OO-nah COca-COla, OO-nah lee-mon-AH-da
I want an enchilada without cheese. Quiero una enchilada sin queso. Key-AIR-row OO-nah en-chee-LA-da sin-KEH-so.
What is a chalupa? Que es una chalupa? KEH es OO-nah chaw-LOO-pa?
How do you prepare this dish? ¿Como se prepara este plato? CO-mo seh preh-PAR-rah EH-STEH PLAH-toe?
Where is the bathroom? ¿Donde esta el baño? DON-deh es-STAH el BAHN-yo?
Who is the owner? ¿Quien es el dueño? Kyen es el DWAYNE-yo?
When is the food coming? ¿Cuando viene la comida? KWAN-dough vee-EN-eh la ko-MEE-thah?
I like the fajitas. Me gustan las fajitas. Meh GOO-stahn los fa-HEE-tahs.
How much does it cost? ¿Cuanto cuesta? KWAN-toe Kweh-sta?
Please bring me the check. Por favor, tráigame la cuenta. Por-FAH-vor, TRY-ga-may la KWEN-tah

Submitted by Wayne Dale, missionary with Baptist Church Planters

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