Learning just a few phrases of Spanish can open many doors of ministry for you as you seek to reach out to Hispanics. Here are a few websites that we can 100_5206recommend for enhancing your pursuit in learning Spanish.


We combine national research, our collective professional experience, and data from our home-base immersion program to create “best practices” – guidelines that schools can follow with confidence! We present language immersion philosophy, we promote the benefits, and we prepare schools to implement their own immersion programs.


Free verb conjugator in English, conjugation models, irregular verbs, modal verbs, verb tenses, verb moods.


Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish is a 52 episode (30 minutes each) story that teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. Destinos is in conversational Spanish, with some narration in English and in Spanish. Every episode covers new grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and cultural practices, with a review at the end. This series introduces the cultures and accents of several Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Each program is closed captioned in Spanish and can be used as a teaching resource. This is an entertaining way to begin or enhance your Spanish language journey.

View Destinos here:


SEMINOLE TEENSSpanish Language Resources to enhance your Spanish language learning experience as well as in country Spanish courses or “learn-at-home” on-line courses.


The Learn Spanish Online Network – The only language course based on scientific studies on Second Language Acquisition.  SPEAK SPANISH ONCE AND FOR ALL!  Groundbreaking Conversational Approach.


Visual LinkTM lessons and learning software make learning to speak a foreign language easier than ever. Our interactive courses teach you to speak by focusing on sentence structure, not just vocabulary. You learn words in context, along with other complimentary words, to form complete sentences and phrases. In addition, over 30 free Spanish lessons are available on YouTube from this award-winning course. See and


Hola. I go by Señor Jordan and in college I majored in Spanish and communications at Truman University in Kirksville, MO.  I currently teach junior high and high school Spanish in a rural school in MO. People often have asked me how they can learn Spanish better and I’ve noticed that there are not very many good free resources.  Due to that and my wanting to help out my students, I decided to start this site. My idea is much larger, but for now I will be uploading videos to help on Spanish grammar.  Hopefully they will help you as well!


Learn Spanish with our free online tutorial with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verbs drills, and links to helpful sites.


Online tutorial for Spanish students. Weekly lessons with audio samples, quizzes, and advice.



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