Praying in Spanish

A great way to practice learning Spanish is to pray in Spanish. After all, we know that the Lord will be patient with our efforts to learn a new language so we can better serve Him. It’s good to keep a running list of Spanish phrases (praises, confession, petitions, etc.) that you can use in prayer. Seek to pray through your growing list each day. Before long your prayers will be longer and your Spanish will be growing!

English Spanish Pronunciation
Our Father . . . Nuestro Padre . . .  PAH-dreh NOO-eh-stro
We give you thanks for . . .  Te damos gracias por . . .  Tay DAH-mos GRAH-see-ahs por . . .
We pray for . . . Oramos por . . . Oh-RAH-mos por . . .
Thank you for the Word of God. Muchas gracias por la palabra de Dios. MOO-chas  GRAH-see-ahs por lah pah-lah-brah deh Dee-os.
Bless the pastor, the service, the missionaries . . . Bendice el pastor, el servicio, los misioneros . . . Ben-DEE-seh ell PAH-store, ell ser-BEE-see-oh, los mee-see-own-err-ohs.
We give You thanks for Your help each day. Te damos gracias por tu ayuda cada día. Tay DAH-mos GRAH-see-ahs por too ah-YOU-dah ka-da dee-ah.
Help us to trust You. Ayúdanos a confiar en ti. Ah-YOU-dah-nos ah CON-fee-ar en tee.
You know everything, oh God and we trust in You. Tú sabes todo, oh Dios, y confiamos     en ti. Too SAH-bes todo oh DEE-os ee con-fee-AH-mos en tee.
Thank you, God, for everything. Gracias, Dios, por todo. GRAH-see-ahs Dee-os por todo.
In Jesus’ name, Amen. En el nombre de Jesucristo,  Amén. En ell NOM-breh day HEH-soo-cree-stoh. AH-men.

Submitted by Wanda Taylor and David Whitcher (BCP Hispanic Missionaries).

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