Theology Training

Bible Institute DVD Series

We presently have a series of DVDs in Spanish which provide theological training for Spanish-speaking laymen and pastors. This series would be great to use as a Bible Institute in a Hispanic ministry or to further train Hispanic spiritual leaders and pastors. These DVDs (with accompanying workbooks) are available through Baptist Church Planters.  See

Books About Preaching:

(La Predicación Expositiva) -by John MacArthur

John MacArthur and other distinguished teachers of preachers respond to the apostle’s mandate in this comprehensive treatment of expository preaching. Dr. MacArthur’s well-known passion for the Scriptures is combined with the vision and expertise of other faculty members at The Master’s Seminary to produce a definitive statement on how to unfold the meaning of God’s Word effectively to today’s congregation. Available in English and Spanish. See

(Como Preparar Mensajes Biblicos)- by James Braga

Braga writes an excellent book with good detail for those who want more serious sermon preparation. Available in English and Spanish. For free download:   See

 (Predicando con Frescura) -by Bruce Mawhinney

Staleness in ministry can be replaced with freshness and vitality. This is a real-to-life, narrative story that outlines the difficulties of an ordinary pastor who discovers principles of preaching that revive his own enthusiasm and effectiveness in ministry. Available in English and Spanish. See

(Predicación Biblica) -by Haddon Robinson

Haddon Robinson’s classic, with more than 150,000 in print, is a lesson in the basics. This updated edition will benefit a new generation of preachers. Praised by Newsweek magazine and his peers as one of America’s most significant preachers, Robinson guides you step-by-step through the fundamentals of preparing and preaching an expository sermon. Available in English and Spanish. See


Universidad Cristiana de Las Américas

Universidad Cristiana de Las Américas exists to prepare Christian men and women of Christ-like character for service in both ministry and professional fields. Located in Monterrey, MX the university offers pastors’ conferences, intensive training courses for pastors, extension courses, Bible courses on dvd and Spanish publications. See



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