20 Ideas for Reaching Your Hispanic Neighbors

1. Target Latino children for your kids club (Joy Club, Awana, etc). Have a special “Fiesta” night. You will get dozens to come as long as you provide transportation.

2. Take your neighbors a plate of cookies with a Spanish tract. If you give a non-disposable plate they are almost sure to return it with a gift of their own. Then continue the relationship.

3. Get your young people involved. Many teenagers are taking Spanish in school. Challenge them to memorize their testimony in Spanish and go from there.
4. Hand out copies of the Gospel of John in Spanish at the factory or at the site of any other major employer where Hispanics work. 
5. Pray specifically for a bi-lingual couple to be saved and discipled. They may be the ones beginning your future Spanish ministry.
6. Lead your church to memorize Spanish verses, maybe one every quarter during your Sunday School opening. This will generate interest.
7. Make reaching Hispanics the theme of your next missions conference.
8. Find an existing Spanish church in the country and contact them saying, “How may I help you?” There are always special projects that need funding and help.
9. Send your associate pastor and wife to language school.
10. Begin a Spanish adult Sunday school class. Hispanic children usually know English and will attend your regular classes. 
11. Enroll a church team into a local soccer league. Then invite several Hispanics to play on your team.
12. Teach an English class. Invite Latinos to your church on Saturday night for an ESL class. One does not have to know Spanish to teach this. 
13. Buy a library for a Latino who is training for the ministry.
14. Bring up the need at your next Pastor’s fellowship. All you need is three like-minded churches to invest resources and see it happen!
15. Find the bi-lingual Latino leaders in your community and ask, “How can we help the Hispanic population?”
16. Have the Latino’s children translate for you when you invite the parents to church.
17. Find someone to teach you Spanish, then ask to use the party room at the Mexican restaurant for the classes. You will soon have many teachers and contacts.
18. Put up a banner in front of your church that says, “Bienvenidos – domingoes 10:30AM” (Welcome – Sundays 10:30AM); and then have a bi-lingual person in your church translate the pastor as he shares a 2 minute welcome and verse every Sunday morning. Keep this up whether Latinos are there or not. They will come!
19. Regularly support a Spanish church. Then ask the church to eventually send you one of their disciples to head up a Spanish church-plant. 
20. Hang out in the Mexican food section of your grocery store and ask a Hispanic person what product they would recommend that is most authentic.