Posts from May 2013

Free Spanish Sheet Music

Are you looking for a resource for some sheet music in Spanish? Here is the place . . . Started in 2006, Church Works Media provides resources for “intentional local church ministry.” Their goal has been to write doctrinally-rich, Christ-centered hymns and psalms for corporate worship. But the best part about these musical selections is […]

The Mission: Facts and Figures

There’s no question about it . . . the demographics of the United States have drastically changed in the past 10 years. Are you aware of these astounding facts and figures?           WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MISSION FIELD HAS COME TO AMERICA. NOW . . .      Is God moving in […]

Música de la Fe Celebrates 10 Years

“Gloria a Dios por sus bendiciones y provisiones en este ministerio.” These words, shared by Pastor Johnny Franco on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at Iglesia Bautista de la Fe in Greenville, SC, reflected the heartfelt praise of the church family as together they rejoiced in the 10 year ministry of Música de la Fe. “Worship the LORD […]

Praying in Spanish

A great way to practice learning Spanish is to pray in Spanish. After all, we know that the Lord will be patient with our efforts to learn a new language so we can better serve Him. It’s good to keep a running list of Spanish phrases (praises, confession, petitions, etc.) that you can use in […]

Ministering to Hispanics on Your Doorstep

  It is a joy to have Brother Matt Bixby contribute to Matt Bixby is the Director of Universidad Cristiana de las Américas in Monterrey, Mexico. He recently shared the following ideas on how to minister to the Hispanics who might be in your neighborhood, on your “doorstep” . . . in your mission […]

More Greetings

  English Spanish Pronunciation Have a nice day. Que tenga un buen día. Kay teng-AH oon bwehn DEE-ah. Welcome. Bienvenidos. Bee-en veh-NEE-dohs.           Where are you from? ¿De dónde es usted? Deh dohn-deh es oo-sted.     I’m from . . . Soy de . . .  Soy deh . . […]