Posts from May 2019

Our Purpose is the People:

What I’ve Learned in a Public School – by Brittany Whitcher I spent the first several years of my life as the typical Christian homeschooled kid. My parents were missionaries, and we traveled around the country almost constantly. My mom would teach us in a little room in the corner of our house, and the […]

Learn to Speak Like a Native

According to their website, “Spanishland School exists to train Intermediate and Advanced Spanish language learners in a fun and diverse way.” They accomplish this through various courses, weekly YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, and homework that enable the Spanish student to improve language skills and learn to speak like a native. They also utilize their Facebook […]

How to Grow Spiritually: Discipleship Tips in Spanish

Here is a tool that you can share with a Spanish new believer. Written in Spanish, this article provides practical Biblical steps to encourage believers to grow spiritually. This article is written by Emanuel Elizondo, who resides in Monterrey, Mexico and is a professor at the Universidad Cristiana de las Américas and preaches in la […]

Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, an atheist for the first thirty-five years of his life, now applies the kinds of tools and techniques that he routinely uses to crack unsolved murders to determine the claims of the New Testament. Many do question, “How can one believe claims of a history-altering event in the far distant past? Especially […]