Bible Lessons in Spanish: True Disciples

Bible Lessons in Spanish: True Disciples (Discípulos Verdaderos)


This series of lessons, entitled The Gospel of Christ (El Evangelio de Cristo), focuses attention upon the foundational truths necessary to understand and respond to the Gospel. This book is available as a teacher’s book (80 pages) and a student’s book (78 pages) and can be purchased through Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI), the Spanish translation department of Baptist Mid-Missions.

This study starts with a look at God’s holiness because mankind’s sin and the resultant punishment cannot be understood except in this context. God’s righteous character is described. He is love and full of grace and mercy. Likewise, we will examine the person of Jesus Christ. Who is He? What can we understand about Him? What does His death and resurrection mean for us? In the middle of these descriptions we will study the biblical concepts of justification and the new birth. These are not only significant theological terms, but more importantly they are life-changing gifts to the believer.  For more information and to order visit here.