Case Study: Merging two Churches

We are experiencing God’s favor in our lives as we continue to integrate our bilingual church plant (Life in Christ – 2005-2010) with Faith Baptist Church (1941-2010), another bilingual church. The level of enthusiasm and energy is what has made possible a smooth continuation of an effective ministry. We are experiencing a great spirit of cooperation and work. God has led us to join efforts to become a “Bilingual Church Planting Ministry Team” in this newly re-organized church.


We are excited to have a highly organized group of associates and deacons. The facilities are appropriate for us to have “disciple-making” activities that honor the Lord. We have been together now  for four months. God has been our guide every step of the way. The former pastor is now an associate pastor, and some of the men from both churches became deacons.
We have established a good working Sunday School program, bilingual services, Spanish and English choirs, children’s choir, Wednesday night ESL classes, prayer activities twice a week, church-wide fellowships at least twice a month, etc.. Of course, one of the things we need to keep in mind is not to over-burden our leaders with too many responsibilities. Please pray that as we plan the next couple of months, we are able to honor the Lord and continue to shepherd the flock of God.
By Alberto Marquez (BCP Lead Church Planter in Arizona)