Case Study: Teaching ESL to Reach Hispanics

Teaching English as a second language is a great way to make contacts with Latinos. This method can be done by any church because one does not have to know Spanish in order to teach the class. 

Here is one pastor’s testimony of how God is using ESL in his church.

“The doors of opportunity for reaching Hispanics in our small town began to swing open during our mission conference this past fall. Prior to that time we had only met a couple of Hispanics. Now the Lord has provided further contacts with more than twelve of these precious souls. After much prayer, we decided to start an English as a Second Language class. The class has sparked great interest from the Hispanic community and others who desire this people group to gain independence. We began by integrating Bible into the English lesson, and later introduced a Study in the Gospel of John at the close of each session.

Our burden is that God will not only use this ministry to win souls to Christ, but also to produce Hispanic pastors and missionaries to reach others in our country. The people of our church have caught some vision for this ministry, and we hope to cultivate that burden further in the future. One young man from our church who has taken four years of Spanish, and is planning to study for pastoral or missions work starting this fall, is helping with the ministry. What a blessing to see people involved in reaching the world in our own town.”

Pastor and Mrs. Gerald Hawk
Victory Baptist Church
Marysville, Kansas