Issue #1

Cultural Corner: The Family

The most effective Hispanic church plants are those that consider the cultural context of those who are being reached. One of the most important aspects to understand about the Hispanic culture is their high regard for family. The following article deals with this subject. “Hispanics are familistic. La Familia is very important. It is the […]

Case Study: Churches as a Team

It has been a privilege to be able to dedicate our lives to our God and the Lord Jesus Christ’s mandate with the idea of evangelizing during the past 25 years. For the last nine years I’ve been a missionary working as a church planter planting a church for people of my same culture in […]

Beginning Greetings

A great way to begin to minister to Hispanics is to learn a few words in their native language. Here are some basic greetings! You will quickly win the hearts of Hispanics when they see and hear your efforts to learn their native tongue. Be an eager learner, don’t be afraid to try to speak […]

Who’s in Your Backyard?

How can churches win the Hispanics that are living within reach of their ministry? How does a pastor begin to lead his church to meet the spiritual needs of those who are from a different country and who speak a different language? There are currently over 35 million Hispanics living in the United States. Latinos […]