Issue #2

Going out to Eat

A great way to learn Spanish is to visit a restaurant that serves Hispanic food. Often the servers may speak only a little Spanish and they will be happy to assist you with your attempts to speak Spanish to them. Be sure to read over the examples below and carefully follow the suggested pronunciations. And, […]

Witnessing to a Latino

A common mistake when witnessing to a Latino (a Hispanic in the United States) is to assume that they understand our gospel presentation in the same way that an American would.  Remember, even the English-speaking Latinos have a world-view completely different than our own; therefore, it is helpful to understand a little about where they […]

Cultural Corner: Language and Religion

Hispanics consider language as the most important element to be preserved. The most universal and culturally unifying characteristic of U.S. Hispanics is their use of Spanish, either as a primary or as a secondary language. The same language is used by every one of the 21 Spanish-speaking nationalities comprising the U.S. Hispanic population. However, nationality colorations relate […]

Case Study: A Small Town Spanish Ministry

Pastor Randy Charlton pastors a church in Chatfield, Minnesota.  While Chatfield is a small town with few Hispanics within its population, pastor Charlton’s church has done a great job of reaching those who are there. Recently, David had the opportunity to talk with Pastor Charlton to discuss what the church has done to reach out. […]