Issue #4

20 Ideas for Reaching Your Hispanic Neighbors

1. Target Latino children for your kids club (Joy Club, Awana, etc). Have a special “Fiesta” night. You will get dozens to come as long as you provide transportation.   2. Take your neighbors a plate of cookies with a Spanish tract. If you give a non-disposable plate they are almost sure to return it […]

Reaching People Across Cultural Barriers

Most Christians have a love for lost souls and rejoice when missionaries are sent to all parts of the world. We enthusiastically support and pray for them as they reach out to people of all cultures and ethnic groups. What is new in recent years, is that God is sovereignly bringing many of these same […]

Training Spanish Pastors

We are excited about the start of the El Ministerio Bible Institute. This fall, God is bringing laborers together to provide pastoral training in Spanish!  Baptist Church Planters sees a great need for solid, fundamental, and Baptistic theological education in Spanish to be made affordable to Latino men to be trained for the ministry.  Because […]

Greetings Review

How many of these Spanish phrases and words do you remember? Below is a review of some Spanish phrases that were in the first issue of our Reaching Hispanics online magazine. How many do you remember? Try to practice these on a daily basis until they become routine and feel like a regular part of your […]

Cultural Corner: Possessions and Time

       The need and desire for basic items, as well as luxuries, bring many Hispanics to the United States. Here they can earn better salaries and can afford many typical American possessions. They work, save, and sacrifice to purchase homes, cars, and other items familiar to the American lifestyle. The overemphasis in America […]