Issue #8

Questions to Ask Before you Begin

Is your church ready for a Spanish ministry?  Many churches develop a burden to reach Hispanics and make preparations to launch an outreach but never see lasting fruit by way of a consistent established ministry.  Dozens of ministries initiate but very few survive, and fewer thrive.  The Spanish ministry graveyard is laden with tombstones from […]

Who are the Hispanics?

If you live in the United States, you have probably heard of the city Los Angeles, seen a Taco Bell, eaten salsa, or understand the term, “adios.”  You have been influenced by the most populous minority consisting of Hispanics. However, you may not understand the culture of Hispanics or what the difference is between Hispanic […]

Catching a Vision to Reach Hispanics

If you would have asked me a couple of years ago about reaching into the Hispanic community around us, I would have probably answered, “That will never happen.”  I would have given a number of reasons as, “I don’t know any Hispanics. I don’t think there are any in our community. If there are some […]

Review: English Grammar: Step-by-Step

If your church is ministering to Hispanics, then you know that most Spanish speaking immigrants quickly learn some conversational English but rarely master it. Understandably so, English with its many root languages is one of the most difficult dialects on earth to learn; certainly compared to Spanish which is mainly from only one root language, […]

Case Study: How God Started a Hispanic Ministry

Our Hispanic ministry started to start a year before it started. My husband and I had attended a workshop on ethnic ministries at the GARBC conference in Flint, MI, in the summer of 2006. At that workshop, a seed was planted. We both came away feeling like we were certainly in a position to start […]