Issue #9

Review: Evangelism Tool in Spanish

  Are you looking for a new way to reach into your Hispanic community?  Comforting Mercies Ministries has made available a CD of Spanish Bible stories and songs to distribute in Hispanic communities. A single CD costs just $1 and can be used to canvass and evangelize your Hispanic community.  Dozens of churches in Central and […]

One Soul at a Time

Infomercials run rampant.  You know what I’m talking about, the style of marketing that plagues your television set during non-prime viewing hours and Sunday mornings.  The kind that says, “This offer valued at over $400 is yours for just three easy payments of 29.99!”  “But wait,” the commercial continues, “if you act now, we will […]

Teaching your Child about Missions

Do you want to encourage your child to have a heart for missions? Here are a few ideas that will perhaps challenge your child to be sensitive to God’s leading for life and ministry.   1. Have your children hear about missions through special missionary speakers and mission conferences at your church. Make attendance a […]

Cultural Corner: Mexico and the Basilica de Guadalupe

Towering over a massive stone courtyard deep in the center of Mexico City, stands the lavishly ornate Basilica of Guadeloupe. Here, hundreds of thousands of devout worshipers annually make the pilgrimage to come worship at Mexico’s most sacred Catholic cathedral.  More impressively, based on the number of worshipers, it is considered the most important sanctuary […]

Case Study: Merging two Churches

We are experiencing God’s favor in our lives as we continue to integrate our bilingual church plant (Life in Christ – 2005-2010) with Faith Baptist Church (1941-2010), another bilingual church. The level of enthusiasm and energy is what has made possible a smooth continuation of an effective ministry. We are experiencing a great spirit of […]