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Baptist Church Planters Baptist Church Planters is committed to “Meeting America´s Greatest Need” by recruiting and preparing missionaries for service among the major people groups in North America resulting in new Baptist churches being planted. We are actively committed to ministering to multi-ethnic communities through our Hispanic and Deaf ministries. For more information please visit: […]

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  How can Christians think Biblically about race and ethnicity? How can local churches work toward racial harmony? What are some of the challenges pastoring a multi-ethnic church? What unique opportunities are afforded pastoring a multi-ethnic church? How should we answer the question, “Who is my brother?”  

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Church Planting Manual This book is designed to give the person or church interested in church planting a step by step guide. It provides instructions, forms, programs, financial policies, suggested procedures and practical ideas. This manual is presently only available in English. It is available through Baptist Church Planters. See   Hispanic Church Planting Guide […]