Issue #18

The Multi-Cultural Local Church

Mr. Romeo was greeting the Hispanics as they entered the Sunday school building for their worship service. When he saw me pull into the parking lot he excused himself and walked toward me. I was reaching for my Bible and closing the door when he said “Arturo, why are you going to church with those […]

Sharing American Culture with International Friends

This book is a good way to share the history, customs and celebrations of 17 American holidays with international friends. This could be used as an ESL resource book as it shares information on the historical development of American cultural values. It is written in an easier English, an excellent tool to enhance your ESL […]

I Will Meet You

Are you eager to meet your Hispanic neighbors? Do you want to introduce them to your pastor or friend? Here are a few key phrases that will help you as you “meet and greet” your Hispanic friends and neighbors. English Spanish Pronunciation I want to invite you to a meeting at church. Quiero invitarle a […]

Spanish Medical Terms

Are you in the medical field but find it difficult to communicate with your patients because of a language barrier? Would it be helpful to know at least a few basic phrases that would help you communicate essential information? This might be great preparation if you are preparing for an upcoming missions trip. We encourage […]