Our God Is . . .

How important it is to know our God and to share about Him when speaking in Spanish. Here are a number of Biblical common phrases and descriptions of God’s attributes and actions. May the Lord use these phrases to challenge and encourage others to know and worship Him alone! View the examples below and carefully follow […]

Friendly Greetings

Would you like to begin a simple conversation in Spanish? Do you want a few common phrases, questions or greetings to ease you into building relationships with Hispanics you may know? Here are just a few that might help you on your way to reaching Hispanics around you. View the examples below and carefully follow […]

Going out to Eat

A great way to learn Spanish is to visit a restaurant that serves Hispanic food. Often the servers may speak only a little Spanish and they will be happy to assist you with your attempts to speak Spanish to them. Be sure to read over the examples below and carefully follow the suggested pronunciations. And, […]

Praying in Spanish

A great way to practice learning Spanish is to pray in Spanish. After all, we know that the Lord will be patient with our efforts to learn a new language so we can better serve Him. It’s good to keep a running list of Spanish phrases (praises, confession, petitions, etc.) that you can use in […]

Greetings Review

How many of these Spanish phrases and words do you remember? Below is a review of some Spanish phrases that were in the first issue of our Reaching Hispanics online magazine. How many do you remember? Try to practice these on a daily basis until they become routine and feel like a regular part of your […]

Inviting People to Church

A great reason to learn Spanish is to invite and encourage Hispanics to consider coming to a church service or special ministry event. Here are a few phrases that might help you accomplish that task. By showing your willingness to try to learn a few phrases in their language, you will easily gain the hearts […]

Beginning Greetings

A great way to begin to minister to Hispanics is to learn a few words in their native language. Here are some basic greetings! You will quickly win the hearts of Hispanics when they see and hear your efforts to learn their native tongue. Be an eager learner, don’t be afraid to try to speak […]