Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, an atheist for the first thirty-five years of his life, now applies the kinds of tools and techniques that he routinely uses to crack unsolved murders to determine the claims of the New Testament. Many do question, “How can one believe claims of a history-altering event in the far distant past? Especially one with such scant forensic evidence?”

Wallace applies his expert skill as a detective and introduces the reader to his surprising conclusion: “the case for Christianity was as convincing as that of any other case on which he had worked as a detective.” *

This book, recently translated into Spanish by Editorial Bautista Independiente**, provides a profound apologetic that will challenge readers to seriously consider the claims of Christ and Christianity and encourage believers to confidently proclaim the case for Christ and His saving grace.

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**Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI) is the Spanish literature division of Baptist Mid-Missions. EBI is a publisher committed to the production and distribution of Spanish literature: Sunday School materials, Theological Curriculum, textbooks for Bible schools and seminaries, devotional books, Bible commentaries, Gospel tracts, Christian books for children and youth, specialized books declaring the distinct biblical beliefs of Baptist Churches and books dealing with the issues of the day.