I Will Meet You

Are you eager to meet your Hispanic neighbors? Do you want to introduce them to your pastor or friend? Here are a few key phrases that will help you as you “meet and greet” your Hispanic friends and neighbors.

English Spanish Pronunciation
I want to invite you to a meeting at church. Quiero invitarle a un reunion en la iglesia. Key-air-oh een-vee-TAR-lay ah oon ray-oon-nyohn en lah ee-GLAY-see-ah.
I am going to meet some friends. Voy a encontrarme con algunos amigos. Voy ah en-cone-TRAR-may cone all-goo-noz ah-MI-goes
How did you meet your wife? ¿Como conoció a su esposa? Coh-moh coh-no-see-OH ah soo eh-SPO-sah.
My mom is going to meet her brother tonight. Mi mamá va a encontrarse con su hermano esta noche. Me ma-MAH vah ah en-cone-TRAR-say cone soo air-MAH-no es-tuh NO-chay.
It is a pleasure to meet you. Es un placer conocerte. Es oon plah-sare co-no-SAIR-tay.
I want to introduce you to my pastor. Quiero presentarle a mi pastor. Key-air-oh pre-sen-TAR-lay ah me PAH-store.
I will meet you at 6:00 p.m. Le encontraré a las seis. LAY en-cone-trar-RAY ah lahs SAIS.
Can you meet me? ¿Puede usted encontrarme? ¿Pweh-deh oo-stead en-cone-TRAR-may?
We met 3 years ago. Conocimos hace tres años. Coh-no-SEE-mohs ah-SAY trace ah-nyos.

Prepared by David Whitcher and Wanda Taylor (BCP Missionaries.)