It’s A Dangerous Calling

The best ministry tools can be books! These tools, companions on a shelf, aid remembrance, enhance perspective and focus motivation. And that is even more so in bilingual ministries. Here is one essential ministry tool, now available in English and Spanish, that we can highly recommend. In fact, we gave away free copies of this book, El Llamamiento Peligroso, at our NCHO (National Conference on Hispanics Outreach) Think Tank* meeting in October 2018.

This book, Dangerous Calling in English, diagnoses and offers cures for issues that face ministry leaders on a daily basis. He exposes the danger of being so familiar with the things of God that we lose our awe of God. When we no longer fear God, our ministry will be motivated by fear of other, false gods: failure, man, circumstances, or future.

Tripp also warns of the dangers of ministry pride. He admonishes, “Perhaps in ministry there is no more potent intoxicant than the praise of men, and there is no more dangerous form of drunkenness than to be drunk with your own glory” (167).

Thankfully, Tripp points us to Christ and reminds us to revel in the gospel ourselves. In addition, Tripp offers helpful suggestions on how to Biblically balance between our private and public lives.

A few quotes to share are:

“If you are not requiring yourself to get your deepest sense of well-being vertically, you will shop for it horizontally, and you will always come up empty.” 

In fact, one of the things that makes a sermon compelling is that the preacher is worshiping his way through his own sermon.

“We must always, always, remember that the theology of the Word of God is not an end in itself but a means to an end, and that end is a radically grace-transformed life.” 


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