Our God Is . . .

How important it is to know our God and to share about Him when speaking in Spanish. Here are a number of Biblical common phrases and descriptions of God’s attributes and actions. May the Lord use these phrases to challenge and encourage others to know and worship Him alone! View the examples below and carefully follow the suggested pronunciations.

English Spanish Pronunciation
God is eternal, faithful, holy,  infinite, immutable, just,  kind, patient, omnipresent,  omniscient, omnipotent,  powerful, and sufficient. Dios es eterno, fiel, santo,  infinito, inmutable, justo,  bondadoso, paciente,  omnipresente, omnisciente,    omnipotente, poderoso, y  suficiente. DEE-os es eh-TARE-noh, FEE-ell, SAHN-toe, een-fee-NEE-toe, een-moo-TAH-blay, hoos-toe, bone-dah-DOH-so, paw-see-EN-tay, ohm-ni-preh-SEN-tay, ohm-nee-see-EN-tay, ohm-ni-poh-TEN-tay, poh-de-ROH-so, ee soo-fee-see-EN-tay.
God never changes in his  attributes. Dios nunca cambia en sus  atributos. DEE-os NOON-kah CAHM-bee-ah en soos ah-tree-BOO-toes.
God is perfect in his  purposes and in his  promises. Dios es perfecto en sus  propósitos y en sus promesas. DEE-os es pair-FECK-toe en soos pro-PO-see-toes ee en  soos pro-MAY-sahs.
God has a plan for our lives.  He will complete His plans.  We can trust Him always. Dios tiene un plan para nuestras vidas. Él cumplirá sus planes. Podemos confiar en él siempre.  DEE-os tyen-ay oon plawn pah-ra new-AY-strahs BEE-dahs. Ell coom-pleer-AH soos PLAWN-es. Poh-DAY-  moes-cone-fee-ahr en ell see-EM-pray.
God is always faithful.  Dios es fiel siempre. DEE-os es FEE-ell see-EM-pray.
God knows our needs better  than we do. He will provide  our needs. Dios conoce nuestras necesidades más que  nosotros. Él proveerá nuestras necesidades.  DEE-os SAH-beh new-AY-stroes neh-seh-see-DAH-des mahs kay no-so-troes. Ell pro-veh-ehr-AH new-AY-stroes neh-seh-see-DAH-des. 
God is our Creator, Father, Savior, and Redeemer. Dios es nuestro Creador, Padre, Salvador, y Redentor. DEE-os es new-AY-stroe Cray-ah-door, PAH-dray, Sahl-bah-door, ee Reh-den-tore.
Jesus Christ is the way, the  truth and the life. Jesucristo es el camino, la  verdad y la vida. HEH-soo-cree-stoh es ell cah-MEE-no, lah bear-dawd, ee  lah BEE-dah.
God is worthy of our praise and adoration. Dios es digno de nuestra  alabanza y adoración.  DEE-os es DEEG-no day new-AY-stroe all-ah-BAHN-sah  ee ah-door-RAH-see-own.
God is marvelous and precious to us. Dios es maravilloso y precioso para nosotros.  DEE-os es mar-ah-vee-YO-so ee preh-see-OH-so ah no-so-troes.

Prepared by David Whitcher and Wanda Taylor (BCP Hispanic Missionaries.)