Inviting People to Church

A great reason to learn Spanish is to invite and encourage Hispanics to consider coming to a church service or special ministry event. Here are a few phrases that might help you accomplish that task. By showing your willingness to try to learn a few phrases in their language, you will easily gain the hearts of your Hispanic friends.

English Spanish Pronunciation
May I ask you a question? ¿Puedo hacerle una pregunta? PWEH-though Ah-ser-lay OO-nah preh-GOON-tah
Do you attend a church? ¿Asiste a una iglesia? Ah-SEES-teh ah OOH-Nah ee-GLE-see-yah
I invite you to come to ours. Le invito que venga a la nuestra Leh-een-VEE-toh k VAIN-gah ah lah NUES-trah
We have services on Sundays. Tenemos servicios los domingos Teh-NEH-mos ser-VEE-see-os lows doh-MEEN-gos
Do you know a little English? ¿Sabes un poquito de ingles? SAH-vehs oon poh-KEE-toe day een-GLEHS
The services could help you. Los servicios pueden ayudarle Lows-ser-VEE-see-yos PWEH-dehn Ah-you-DAHR-leh
I want to learn Spanish. Quiero aprender español KEEYEH-roh A-prehn-der es-pahn-YOLE
Hopefully, God will help me! ¡Ojala que Dios me ayude! Oh-hah-LAH k DEEOS meh a-YOU-theh
What do you think of the United States? ¿Como te parece los Estados Unidos? COH-moh teh PAH-reh-seh Lows Ehs-TAH-those oo-KNEE-those
Personally, I prefer to be in heaven. Personalmente, yo prefiero estar en el cielo Pehr-Soh-NAHL-men-teh, preh-FEEYEH-ro ehs-TAHR ehn ehl seeyeh-lowe

Submitted by Jeremy Estrema Missionary to Argentina