Greetings Review

How many of these Spanish phrases and words do you remember? Below is a review of some Spanish phrases that were in the first issue of our Reaching Hispanics online magazine. How many do you remember? Try to practice these on a daily basis until they become routine and feel like a regular part of your day.

English Spanish Pronunciation
God bless you Dios te bendiga deeyos teh ben-DEE-ga
Good morning Buenos días BWEH-nohs DEE-ahs
Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEH-nahs TAR-thes
Good night Buenas noches BWEH-nahs NO-ches
Hello Hola OH-lah
How are you? ¿Como Estas? COH-moh es-TAHS
Do you speak English?
¿Hablas ingles? AH-blahs een-GLAYS
Do you speak Spanish?
¿Hablas español? AH-blahs es-pahn-YOL
What is your name? ¿Cómo te llamas? COH-moh te YAH-mahs
Where do you live? ¿Donde vives? DOHN-deh VEE-vehs