Música de la Fe Celebrates 10 Years

“Gloria a Dios por sus bendiciones y provisiones en este ministerio.” These words, shared by Pastor Johnny Franco on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at Iglesia Bautista de la Fe in Greenville, SC, reflected the heartfelt praise of the church family as together they rejoiced in the 10 year ministry of Música de la Fe.

“Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness” – so Psalm 96:9 exhorts believers. Yet sadly, much of today’s Christian music fails to reflect the awe-inspiring holiness of God. For Spanish-speakers, God-honoring music is even more scarce.

It was this scarcity that burdened Pastor Johnny Franco and a group of musicians from Iglesia Bautista de la Fe in Greenville, South Carolina, to launch a ministry dedicated to providing sacred music to Spanish-speaking believers. In 2003, Música de la Fe was born, and that year they produced “Adoradle,” their first recording. Since then, the Lord enabled the music ministry to record three more recordings, “Grande es Tu Fidelidad”, “Santo Es El”, and “Glorioso Cristo.” These recordings have blessed and encouraged many hearts of Spanish-speakers around the world.

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Música de la Fe included several musical selections from the four CDs as sung by the original vocalists, a testimony by Joel Hernández, a presentation to Pastor Johnny Franco, and a closing message by Daniel Garlick. Following the service everyone enjoyed an outdoor dinner where visitors and the church family continued to fellowship together.

We here at “ReachingHispanics.org” are thrilled to promote this uplifting music. To see more information about these quality recordings, please view the music section under our “Resources” tab on our home page.  http://www.reachinghispanics.org/resources/music-resources .

We would like to conclude with these closing words from Pastor Johnny Franco (first in English and then in Spanish).

First, I would like to give thanks to the Lord for His providence. He is the reason why Música de la Fe exists. God put everything into place: the finances, the people, and the desire each person had to unconditionally collaborate in the production of the CDs which we have produced. In a very personal way I am left perplexed that God would take the foolish of this world to confound the wise and the weak to confound the strong. Clearly, this reflects the power of God and it leads me to conclude by saying, “the glory belongs to Him!”

Primero, quiero dar gracias a Dios por su providencia. Él as la razón por la cuál Música de la Fe existe. Dios puso todo en su lugar: La economía, las personas, y el deseo de cada uno de ellos en colaborar incondicionalmente en la producción de los CDs que hemos grabado. En forma muy personal me quedo perplejo de que Dios toma lo necio de este mucho para avergonzar a lo sabio y lo débil para confundir a lo fuerte. Claramente esto refleja el poder de Dios, y sólo me queda concluir diciendo que “¡la Gloria sea para Él!”            – Pastor Johnny Franco (Iglesia Bautista de la Fe, 2129 Poinsett Hwy., Greenville, SC 29615)           


by Herb and Wanda Taylor (Hispanic Ministries with Baptist Church Planters)