Prayer for the Whitcher Family

In early 2011, David Whitcher resigned from his position as the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries with Baptist Church Planters. We, at Baptist Church Planters, are grateful for the labor of love and the spiritual encouragement that David and his wife, Melissa have given to others over their years of faithful service to the Lord.

At the present time, because of David’s health, the Whitchers have moved to Forney, TX and will be serving as consultants on the BCP Hispanic team. They have been a spiritual ecouragement in so many lives and many in Hispanic ministry wish to thank God for the impact this family has had on their lives and ministries.


Here is some of their recent newsletter: (6/5/12)


Dear Prayer Partners,

God is good!  It has been a while since our last prayer letter.  Here are a few updates:

– Melissa’s Dad came through his surgery to remove cancer well. They found it all and he is well on his way to full strength. The biggest prayer request is for Melissa’s parent’s house to sell in Brazil so that they can better settle here in the area.  Currently they are in an apartment about ten minutes from us.  The Farlows are a huge help and encouragement. We praise the Lord for them. 

– Last week a couple from our sending church came to spend the week with us. The fellowship was great and they blessed us by doing several odd projects around the house.  They were a blessing. 

– Summer has begun and the kids are done with school.  This brings new adjustments as the kids are home full-time.  Thank you for praying for Melissa’s strength.  As for me. my disability remains the same. God has been very gracious to put us in a home and situation here in Texas where life is as manageable as it can be.  Having said that, Melissa needs prayer as she carries the slack of all that I cannot do while being my caretaker and a mother. Oh May God continue to bless her in incredible ways. She is pretty special.

– We praise the Lord for God’s provision. Thank you for your loving mercy and graciousness.  Our total support (social security plus missionary support) is currently at 95%.  This has lowered from being about 120% of needed support in December when we first began receiving Social Security benefits.

Please forgive us for not updating you as often. It is simply because there is not much going on! Life is pretty simple – as it has to be. May God richly bless you!  Please drop us a note and let us know how we may pray for you.


David Whitcher