Review: Answers in Genesis Series in Spanish

There has been much buzz surrounding Answers in Genesis since the opening of their new Creation Museum in Ohio.  The museum is very well done and is reaching a new audience with biblical truths. I am excited to report that Answers in Genesis has a new video series in Spanish that will also reach a completely new audience. AIG has come out with a six DVD set of some of Ken Ham’s most impacting workshops such as, “Learning to Think Biblically” and “Six Days or Millions of Years.”

The Spanish translation and voice over is superbly done.  Ken Ham always tends to talk fast and the Spanish dub over is no exception, yet the Spanish voice almost magically matches Ken Ham’s mouth movement and appears natural.  Furthermore, the fact that the series was filmed in Mexico does a lot for the videos in relating to Spanish speakers.
Finally, the content is just what you would expect from Ken Ham with his humor and trademark illustrations. Answers in Genesis is developing resources in multiple languages, but because of the great translation, presentation and extremely biblical content we are fortunate to have this video series available in Spanish. The series is highly recommended to be used as a formal teaching aid in any Spanish ministry.