Review: Discipleship Resources

Good discipleship material in Spanish is hard to come by. Perhaps you have been disappointed with available resources because of either poor content or the lack of quality from a publishing standpoint.  If so you will be glad to hear that there are two great discipleship books translated and available in Spanish. Changed Into His Image by Jim Berg and The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus from GoodSeed are both superb resources that God greatly uses.


Changed Into His Image is, in my opinion, a must read for every believer because it deals with issues of the heart.  While most discipleship books deal with the believer’s growth in knowledge of basic doctrine, this book deals with with the believer’s character from the inside out. If you know a Latino who is saved and who already has a grasp on basic doctrine then this material is absolutely the next step for them.  
Now, if you are familiar with the book you know that The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus or El Forastero en Camino a Emaús (as titled in Spanish) fabulously gives an overview of the Bible. The Stranger also presents the gospel like no other book does by thoroughly explaining it from the perspective of every book of the Bible. This makes it not only a great discipleship resource but a unique evangelistic tool also. 
Both resources have available workbooks and are perfect for small group studies. For their solid content, professional publication and impeccable reputation: Transformados en Su Imagen and El Forastero en Camino a Emaús are must haves for every church and individual in the Spanish speaking world.  
Review prepared by David Whitcher, missionary with Baptist Church Planters.