Review: English Grammar: Step-by-Step

If your church is ministering to Hispanics, then you know that most Spanish speaking immigrants quickly learn some conversational English but rarely master it. Understandably so, English with its many root languages is one of the most difficult dialects on earth to learn; certainly compared to Spanish which is mainly from only one root language, Latin.  In short, it is much easier for the average American to learn Spanish than it is for a native Spanish speaker to learn English. Comprehensive help is finally here in the form of the book titled, English Grammar: Step-by-Step written by Elizabeth Weal.  

At last, there is a book that is designed specifically for Spanish speaking ESL students that presents the monster of English grammar in small manageable chunks!  Unlike most self-published books, Elizabeth Weal has published this one with a professional layout, delightful original drawings and illustrations, and insured that the content is both comprehensive and easily learned.  It should be noted that this book is not for the illiterate and should be used mainly with those who already speak some English but want to advance to the next level.
All 120 pages found beneath the colorful cover of English Grammar: Step by Step will become a vital tool for any church seeking to reach Hispanics through an ESL class or seeking to strengthen the English proficiency of any of its Latino members. The title is available in both English and Spanish to allow it to be taught even by a non-Spanish speaker.