The Pena Family Testimony

God certainly uses crisis to make hearts tender to the gospel.  Below is the testimony of Pastor Miguel Quintana as he shares how the Peña family came to know Christ.

“This family is very special.  Before William was converted, he was an atheist – he did not believe in anything. They had all kinds of problems in the family. They were living together without being married, there was domestic violence, their family was in a crisis.  About ten days after we first visited them, she came to the house walking with a cane and I could tell her foot was very swollen. It was because of domestic violence and he was thrown straight into jail. While in jail for ten days, he noticed that there in the cell was a Bible.  He just stared at the Bible for several days. Finally, with just three days of incarceration left, he decided that he had ought to read it. He thought, ‘I want to start from the beginning’ so he started in Genesis and the Word of God spoke to him in a strong way. I had a chance to visit William in jail when he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. When he got out of jail, he went directly to church.
While William was in jail, we counseled with his wife since she had come to the church crying and asking for help.  She ended up coming to know Christ as her Savior also.  Well, what did we do with them?  First, we married them. Then, we baptized them and today he serves in our church as the treasurer.  Both William and his wife are leaders in the church.”
Please share with us your testimony or that of a Hisapanic that you have led to Christ.  Some of the submitted tesimonies will be published in future issues of ReachingHispanics.